What is Eunoia?

“Thinking within strict limits is stifling” ­Christian Bök, “Eunoia”


Literally, it’s a Greek word that means “well mind” or “beautiful thinking.”
Linguistically, It is the shortest English word that contains all five vowels.
Medically, it refers to a state of normal mental health.
Rhetorically, it’s the goodwill cultivated between a speaker and audience, and a condition of receptivity. Philosophically, it is the ethical foundation of human life.

Eunoia is the debut album from VITEK. It is a collection of musings upon the pursuit of health and happiness, and a study of what happens when the searcher comes up short. The self­produced, home­recorded album was conceived in large part during a retreat at Wild Winds Buffalo Preserve in Fremont, Indiana. Members Gabraham Vitek, Robert Gay, Anthony Jorissen, Scott Shirock, and Brady Surface gathered for a week in the wilderness to seek a peaceful writing environment, but returned home with more songs and stories than they could have hoped for.

Cut off from the rest of the world, the band set up their instruments in the middle of the Wild Winds’ White Pine Lodge, surrounded by Native American artifacts, dreamcatchers, and ancient instruments. A forest of song fragments were milled and assembled into a framework that would become the album Eunoia. The men of VITEK balanced spells of writing with long walks around the property, and grew in communion with each other and with a sense of Spirit.

The history of the land’s native people and animals lent a majestic air to the writing process. On one night, the band joined their Cherokee guide in a traditional ceremony honoring the spirit of Bosco, grandfather to many generations of the reserve’s buffalo herd. They danced around a roaring bonfire and beat drums while gusts of wind swept across the plains, teasing the flames into strange shapes. The members of VITEK were further blessed with the gift of several traditional chants, passed down from their guide as a complement to the songs written at the lodge.

The name VITEK, (rhymes with “critic”) suggests vitality, and Life is the core theme of Eunoia. Songs like “Euphoria” and “River of Roam” express the restless wandering of a heart that longs for beauty held just out of reach. This pursuit of goodwill and health mirrors the band’s own efforts to evolve as a collective, arriving at electro­pop by way of soul­inspired music.

Eunoia is slated for release in Autumn 2014.


We are excited for our upcoming theater performance at Father John’s in Bryan, Ohio on February 22.


We will be experimenting with our new live set up and previewing new material from our upcoming full length due this year.

We’ve been working on this full length since February of last year!  It’s been a test of our patience holding off on touring but we are certain the record will be worth the wait.


Excited to share!


We released ‘The Wolf” a live music video on NYE (Dec. 31, 2013).  The video is from P2P (Party To Provide) which was a festival we threw in Nashville in the fall.


We have a new record to release in 2014.  Looking forward to sharing.


Thanks for the support Friends!


We are honored that we were invited to play Communion Nashville on November 14.

We will be joining Tennis and a few other outstanding acts that evening at Mercy Lounge.


Purchase Advance Tickets here:


We are thrilled to be hosting Party To Provide in Nashville on September 7.

We chose to team up with Mental Health America of Middle Tennessee to provide more awareness for resources regarding mental health.  Local micro-brewery, Jackaolope, is set to provide beer for the event which you get free with admission.


Here’s the link for Show Details: P2P Facebook Event Page

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We are excited to announce a new release, ‘Skyfall’.


‘Skyfall’ is the b-side track to our new single, ‘Sunbird’.

The Deli Magazine has the premier today:


Happy Summer Listening




We are pleased to share our new single, Sunbird.  Stream here at our site or visit No Country For New Nashville who has the exclusive download today.


We are pleased to announce the release of ‘Sunbird’, an Afro-Electro-Pop single on April 16.

The release will include a b-side entitled ‘Skyfall’ which will be an expansion from the album version on ‘Kaleidoscope’ (2012).


Tour dates in support of the release will be announced April 9.




Our new single ‘Sunbird’ was exclusively previewed to the public today on Nashville Progressive Radio, Lightning 100.

‘Sunbird’ is due to release on April 16.  In addition to the single a b-side and music video will be released in April.


Read a couple critics remarks here on the preview:

Cause A Scene 

Nashville Noobsauce


Tour dates in support of the release are to be announced soon.

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VITEK was recently published in UCN.

Read the conversation with Gabrahm here:

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